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About me

I am a certified Shamanic practitioner, Psychedelic Integration coach, Somatic breathwork™️ facilitator, and have been trained by Mayans for ceremonial cacao but I am so much more than that.

David Keller, shamanic practitioner, soatic release breathwork facilitator

You also are so much more than what it is you do.

We are all mirrors and we really are all one and the same. 

 David Joseph Keller 

Mission Statement

My mission is twofold


To create a sacred safe space and facilitate an opportunity for healing, personal growth, relaxation and insights about one’s own life for the people that I serve directly. 


The intended result is for the person to be able to handle and adapt to the stress of life with greater ease, in addition to enable the person to be able to “respond” instead of “react” when a trauma gets “triggered”.


To help people indirectly by donating a portion of the funds I receive to those in need.

My story

I am a survivor of what I would call “mild” childhood abuse and sexual molestation.  Back then the way I was hit as a child (by my Nanny) was considered discipline and my molestation was done by another boy on the school bus.  As “mild” as I like to think my abuse and molestation was, it had a profoundly negative impact on my life and in how I had allowed people to treat me, until I started to learn how to REALLY heal. And by the way, not only in how I allowed others to treat me but the ways in which I inflicted self-abuse and the ways in which I tried to cope with extreme self-hatred and self-loathing. 

There is something called little “T” trauma and big ”T” trauma.  The above is what would fall in to big “T” trauma as well as the obvious things you think of as trauma, i.e. PTSD.  Little “T” trauma however, can be just as damaging and it doesn’t just have to be from childhood.


It can happen at any point in a person’s life.  An abusive relationship in adulthood, whether it is verbal or physical can be every bit as traumatic as being bullied and teased as a kid (both of which I have gone through).  One of the most important things I had to do in order to heal from my trauma was to validate the trauma that happened and the affect it had on my life.


Learning to love myself and how to have a loving relationship with myself have been two of the most important things I’ve learned in my life.  The most important relationship in my life is the relationship I have with myself.  It hasn’t been easy and it’s never perfect but I am lightyears ahead of where I used to be.


The love that I’ve learned to have for myself was something I needed so badly but never realized.  The more that I love myself, the more I can radiate that love to all with whom I come into contact. 


We are all mirrors, we really are all one and the same, and we all bleed red.  Not any one of us is any better or worse than the other.  To embody this fact, is to embody true humility.  Again, I’m not perfect at it but I can tell you that some very significant things have happened in my life, since having the embodiment of humility as one of my goals.


One is I attract more love in my life as a result.  That is just the way the universe works.  Also, because I love who I am, faults and all, I don’t take crap from anyone anymore and I am much gentler on myself when I make a mistake.  People always talk about self-love but how do you get it?  What can you actually do to get it and keep it?  You can read about that in the “Heal Your Soul Now Freedom Program” in the “Programs” section above.


I am a certified Shamanic practitioner, Somatic breathwork facilitator and psychedelic integration coach but I am so much more than that.  You also, are so much more than what it is you do.  I believe unequivocally that when I die I do not die.  Sure, my body dies but my spirit and soul goes someplace else.


Where do we go when we die?  Well, I won’t get in to all that.  I will say that there is a lot more going on then we can even possibly know.


It’s been a long and tumultuous road to get to where I am today.  I never could have gotten here without help and now I am in a position where I can help others.  I have finally after all these years, and after having gone through all the pain, have found my true calling and purpose on this planet.  To help others heal.  The healing and freedom for other people that I have been able to help facilitate, and that I have gotten to witness continues to blow me away.  I am so grateful to be doing this kind of work and it is an honor and a privilege that I do not take for granted.

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In the media

Bliss project

This week on The Bliss Project Podcast, we're excited to share Episode 36: Heart Opening with Mayan Ceremonial Cacao and the Magic of the Mayan Cholq'ij Calendar with David Keller. 

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