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Ancestral Healing
& Honoring Day

Kame is a day on the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar for ancestral healing and honoring our ancestors.


Did you know that you inherit the trauma of your ancestors?   Here's how: Trauma can leave a chemical mark on a person's genes, which can then be passed down to future generations. Epigenetics is a real thing.

Do you have ancestral trauma you want to heal, not only for yourself but for your ancestors as well? Maybe you want to honor and give thanks to your ancestors for your existence?


The way the Mayan Cholq'ij calendar works is on a 20 day cycle and each day we are carried by a different energy called a Chumil. There are different practices to do on different days depending on the energy that exists on each day.

The day of Kame is a day on the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar when the veil of existence is thinner and we can communicate and have a conversation with beings who are not in this plane of existence any longer. We can especially communicate with our ancestors.

This is a day to address ancestral trauma and address what we might be carrying from them that needs to be healed.


I will be working with my spirit teams to remove the trauma that is stored in your DNA.


Come prepared with the names of your ancestors who you know had specific traumas so they can be released.


Claim the power of your ancestors

and ask for guidance

Yoga Session

You will also be given the space to express your gratitude and honor your ancestor, claim the power of your ancestors that were healers and fighters and who overcame difficult things and ask your ancestors for guidance.


If there is a relationship that needs healing with your ancestors this is also the space for that.

Candle and Berries

Light a white candle in the name of your ancestors to say THANK YOU!

Temple Candles

If you cannot make it to this virtual ceremony but would still like to honor your ancestors on this day, you can light a white candle in the name of your ancestors to say thank you for your existence and your life as a way to honor them and ask for ancestral healing.


This is a group ZOOM ceremony 

Suggested energy exchange - $33 per person

upcoming event

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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