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David Joseph Keller

Сertified Shamanic practitioner and
Somatic breathwork™️ facilitator

It’s been a long and tumultuous road to get to where I am today.  I never could have gotten here without help and now I am in a position where I can help others.  I have finally after all these years and after having gone through all the pain, have found my true calling and purpose on this planet.  To help others heal.  The healing and freedom for other people that I have been able to help facilitate, and that I have gotten to witness continues to blow me away. 

I am so grateful to be doing this kind of work and it is an honor and a privilege that I do not take for granted.


Heart Opener Ceremony
With Cacao

Cacao is a sacred, ancient, and powerful plant medicine.


Somatic Release Breathwork


Ancestral Healing
& Honoring Day

Kame on the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar is a day for ancestral healing and honoring ancestors.


Let's Get


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