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Guided Ceremony with Cacao
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Included in the purchase of this video is 4 ounces of true ceremonial cacao that will be shipped to you.  Not all cacao is the same and you can have confidence in knowing this comes from a Mayan collective that has followed all of the steps of traditional farming.  True ceremonial cacao works in a similar way to other indigenous plant medicines and while it is NOT psychoactive, it can bring up things you need to face so you can release them. So while it can make you feel good and happy it can also help to process certain emotional issues.

If it finds something that isn’t resolved yet it can come up. So sometimes you can cry or have different emotions but that’s a good thing because those emotions need to come up so they can come out. This can be transformational and life changing! 

In this video you'll be guided on how to have your own ceremony with cacao.  I do an ancient Mayan invocation where you will be able to connect to the sacred Mayan energies before drinking your cacao.  

Additionally you'll receive the cacao booklet I've written that dives deeper into Mayan traditions, history, cacao facts and the origins of your cacao as well as you'll receive information about your Mayan energy of birth (Chumil). 


Understanding your Chumil can be completely life changing and can enhance your life in incredible ways!  $222 is the cost for lifetime access to this video.  


Contraindications for 100% Cacao:

People taking MAOI antidepressants (Cacao contains MAO inhibitors), have a serious heart condition, have low blood pressure or suffering from epilepsy. People taking SSRI antidepressants may be ok with a much smaller than usual dose.  Please speak to your doctor in any of these cases.  If you have any doubt about whether you should consume cacao please consult with your physician(s).




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