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I believe that the Universe brings people into our lives when we need them the most. I am so happy that the Universe chose David to help guide me on my spiritual journey to be the best possible version of myself I can be. I have experienced many different breathwork modalities (Pranayama, Wim Hof, etc.), but yesterday was my first time experiencing the power of Somatic Release Breathwork. David is an excellent facilitator and takes his time explaining what to expect and the science behind breath control. He is an empathic soul that instantly puts you at ease, giving you the courage and confidence to simply let it all go and be totally open to the experience. I knew going in what has been holding me back on my growth journey - deep-seated anger. Even though I understood this intellectually, I had been struggling with my attempts to unseat that anger in order to make space for the positive energy I need to evolve spiritually. What happened during my session is hard to put into words, but I felt like it was such a breakthrough moment for me. I could feel, through the power of Somatic Release Breathwork, my anger finally untethering and leaving my body. I went from yelling and screaming to more of a tribal chant as I tuned in to the musical energy David was loudly playing (loud in a wonderfully immersive way). I was able to overcome the tetany in my hands DURING the session (without pulling back), which has never happened to me before. During past Pranayama breathwork sessions, that tetany would stay with me even after the session had concluded. Almost as if the energy I was trying to release only got so far before reentering my body. During the session I was able to see myself as the pure spirit of Love & Light I know I intrinsically possess and I was overcome with such a feeling of joy and release. It felt like I was being spiritually reborn and reconnecting with my true nature. David was there throughout the experience as the ultimate spirit guide, using his voice and his touch to help guide my spirit through this incredible awakening and release. That was my one word intention going in to the session - RELEASE. Mission accomplished. As I write this the morning after, I truly feel like this breathwork helped me breakthrough to the other side and release the stubborn barrier of anger that was getting in the way of my path. I can't say enough good things about David and the work that he is doing. He is a beautiful soul and I highly recommend seeking him out to help guide you on your own spiritual journey. With Love & Light,

Torie Z

David’s breath work session was transformational and beyond my expectations. He guided me through an active meditation and various rounds of intense breathing that unveiled emotions that were locked within my body. The result was an insightful and light feeling that left me hopeful for an amazing future and the ability to live more in alignment with my true soul’s calling.

My body released tears without me even being aware. Past memories were released and glimpses of a future dream life flooded my psyche. David gently guided me as he created a sacred, safe and healing environment for this powerful work. I did not realize how the breath is our essential tool for inner work that manifests in our outer daily lives. Forever grateful for this healing.

Toya Peraza

I believe the universe guided me to David for ultimate healing in my life because I was going through anxiety and depression for years. I knew I needed a renewal in my life with new beginnings and I can tell David was gonna be the healer to take me there. His post for the Cacao ceremony was on my timeline on instagram and I was very interested in the powers of this plant medicine so I contacted him. He was so nice and professional by explaining the details of everything. He made sure that I was comfortable throughout this whole process. The place where he performs the Cacao ceremony was so magical that the vibrations were high and the outdoor nature of it was so beautiful and peaceful. He cleansed me with sage, we meditated to set intentions, I released a lot of my past traumas and gave gratitude to the spirits and Mother Earth through this experience and it was very liberating to my mind, body and soul. The cacao drink is delicious and you can immediately feel the warmth of it going through your heart and working its healing magic. You will feel healing take place within yourself as the music plays in the background. During the ceremony, I felt my anxiety and depression just blew away from me in the strong winds of nature along with chills running through my body. It was one of the most amazing spiritual experiences I have ever felt. I haven't felt anxiety or depression since this day! There is power in the cacao ceremony and I will be back to experience it again. I recommend David to anyone looking for healing and spiritual renewal in your life and I guarantee that it will be worth it!


David curated an awesome experience.  He is a wonderful facilitator and brought together an incredible group of people.  He really created a safe, judgment free environment where everybody felt comfortable to share, in addition to leading a powerful meditation.  I was hesitant to share myself, but am glad I did.  I really saw myself in everybody's story, which was so beautiful.  It ended up being my favorite part.  Coming together in ceremony and connecting with others in this way was more healing than I expected. I highly recommend.


I have known David for years and witnessed his personal transformation which inspired me to seek his help and guidance. I went through a terrible divorce (aren’t they all?) and had so much resentment, guilt and pain. I was literally standing in my own way and couldn’t seem to find a way out regardless of my therapy work. I had heard about Breathwork but to be honest, I don’t really enjoy breathing or meditating so I resisted it for quite some time. David made feel completely relaxed and comfortable and I knew I was in good hands. My first experience went above my expectations and I couldn’t believe that within the two hour session I would find my clarity, resolution, freedom and peace. I finally understood that I didn’t need to feel guilty or resentment for my past relationship for that was my path that got me to where I am today. I was so relieved that I wanted to share my experience with my daughter who has also been struggling with identity and anxiety issues. I signed us up for the Cacao Ceremony honestly not having any expectations and in fact, I couldn’t really explain what it would look like or help us with, I just knew we had to go. Again, David made the event very comfortable and relaxed, guiding us through our meditation. Not only was I able to see my path more clearly but my daughter’s eyes were finally open. She thanked me for bringing her to this ceremony and requested that we return and bring several of her friends who were also struggling with their individual challenges. This is a true testament of David’s ability and passion to help others and I will be forever grateful for his work


I had the privilege and blessing of being guided by David in a Somatic Release breathwork session.  From the start, David, created a safe and warm environment, beautifully explaining each section of the session.  Under his guidance I was able to uncover and release deep fears, false limitations, and wounds that I know keep me at a distance from my desires.  I left my session with an indescribable lightness in my body and a connection to my wellbeing.  Any words I string together in this testimonial will not do justice to the overall experience.  David is gifted and anyone that works with him are giving themselves an amazing gift.”

Toya Peraza

If you are looking for a safe place to release all your negative energy that keeps you bound, then I recommend for you to try somatic release breathwork. I decided to try this out for the first time after doing the Cacao Ceremony with David because it changed my life force energy for the better so I knew I needed to do more spiritual work to continue healing. This experience was so intense with the rapid breathing techniques while being instructed by David as the music was playing in different frequencies in the room. He made sure that I was very comfortable with the process by guiding me to release my pain & tensions through yelling, screaming and crying, etc. I felt my body releasing some deep rooted childhood trauma that I didn't know existed. Through my breathwork and meditation, I encounter a deeper connection with myself in a way that I never knew was possible. I received universal visualizations of how my new life will be and the blessings that the universe has instored for me. When the breathwork was completed, I instantly felt lightweight and a huge sense of relief. I am a true advocate of doing the Cacao Ceremony first and then the Somatic Release Breathwork for the ultimate spiritual healing experience. David is the best at what he does and he cares about your well-being by doing follow-up text messages to ensure that you are feeling well. Once again, I will be back for more healing practices with David!

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