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Heart Opener Ceremony
With Cacao

Cacao is a sacred, ancient, and powerful plant medicine!

Cacao is NOT psychoactive.


Cacao is known for being a heart opening and grounding plant medicine. 

This is an opportunity for you to enter a sacred, relaxing, safe and healing space. 


I am continually blown away by the healing power of this plant medicine.

The ceremony’s theme is to honor the elements and spirits of Mother Earth

and all of nature.

After drinking the Cacao and speaking an intention, I guide you through an insight provoking meditation.


Cacao has the ability to raise your awareness and increase clarity and open your heart.  It is also known for being a natural antidepressant!


The ceremony brings us together, and allows us the space to express our gratitude and respect for Mother Earth. 


Incredible insights about life


You may connect with your heart and walk away with insights about your life.


Cacao is the original version of chocolate and is filled with antioxidants & essential minerals!


I have witnessed people get some incredible insights about their lives and that is a testament to creating a sacred safe space for the healing work to unfold.

Ka'kaw Chinimital is the cacao sold on this site

Contraindications for Cacao

People that are taking antidepressants (Cacao contains MAO inhibitors), have a serious heart condition, have low blood pressure or suffering from epilepsy. Please speak to your doctor in any of these cases.

If you have any doubt about whether you should participate please consult with your physician(s).


Group ceremonies - Suggested energy exchange $88 per person

Private Ceremonies - $222 per person (2-person minimum)

Group & private ceremonies are done either at my location in Canoga Park, CA

Or I can travel to your location.

*There will be an extra cost for the travel time to your location.

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