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healing, Self-love and Self-realization

Do you feel stuck in your life?  Do you feel like so many bad things have happened to you that you don’t know how you can possibly overcome them?  Do you know that you need to heal from your past, but you just don’t know what to do to heal?

Well, I have a message for you.


My message is one of hope and healing

There is hope to heal those wounds that run so deep.

Maybe you never thought it was possible or maybe you don’t even realize yet just how deep those wounds even are. 

Hope that all who are suffering will find the courage to tap into their inner power and take the necessary actions needed and learn how to heal. 

There is hope

Hope for all those who know what it feels like to hate themselves; and that there are actually practical things to do on a daily basis that will transform that self-hatred into self-love. 

There is a way of learning how to love yourself that you never even knew you needed so badly until you finally get it, and then you’re like “Wow I really wish somebody would’ve taught me these things a long time ago”.  It’s possible that you are not even conscious that you have self-hatred or if you are conscious of it, you might not be conscious of how deep it runs.


My message is to bring hope and healing to all those who suffer from many different forms of pain.

Heal Your Soul Now freedom program

First month


What is the program?

The program is designed to teach you how to have a deeper and loving connection with yourself and your inner child through daily practices. 

It’s about learning how to have a loving relationship with yourself. 

It’s also a powerful program for manifesting the things you want in your life.

Are you ready to put in the work?

Only you can answer this question. 

If your serious about healing, then you are ready. 

Once I started implementing these practices in my life, my whole life started to change.  I believe that’s possible for anyone that has the resolve to commit to this work.


What do you get?

You can have 1-4 Zoom calls with me per month.

The suggested energy exchange for each 30-minute Zoom call is $111​.  My goal is to make this program accessible to everyone.  You get everything you will need after the first call.  Then you can have Zoom calls with me once per week for extra support and questions if you choose.

  • First call is to explain the program. 

  • Every other call will be for extra support and questions. 


1-4 zoom calls total

Daily Meditation practice

There are many different kinds of meditation practices and most people understand and know how beneficial meditation is, but so many people just don’t make it a priority. 

I have been meditating daily for the last 8 years and it is a HUGE part of my spiritual growth and my mental and emotional health. 

You will learn a simple and powerful
20-minute daily meditation practice.

Beach Meditation

Daily affirmation practice

Why do them? 

They take roughly 15 minutes per day and they address every single area of life.

I have found from doing the affirmations I will give you that they have radically transformed my life. 

It seems like anyone you ask will have a different opinion about affirmations.  I find most people I talk to about them either say they’ve tried them and they don’t work, or they believe in them but never do them.  Rarely do I meet someone that does them every single day like I do.  After about 2 months of doing them every single day there was a huge shift in my life. 

I still get blown away by them and I have been doing them every day for over 1 & ½ years.  What always happens is a couple months will go by and I’ll be doing them and realize it’s manifested.  It’s incredible!


Daily gratitude practice

Gratitude is one of the keys to receiving all of the things that you want in your life. 


This powerful daily practice you will learn will most likely help you get everything you want in your life. 

I know it has worked miracles for me.  It’s magic.


Daily self-love practice

Do you know what the most important relationship is in your life? 

The relationship you have with yourself.

Once I started to learn how to cultivate this, all sorts of miracles started to happen.  This daily self-love practice is quick and easy yet very powerful and healing.


Daily Inner child and mirror work

I never realized the importance of developing a relationship with my inner child (Little David), until I actually started doing it. This is one of the most important things and again, my life has radically transformed as the result of doing it daily. 


Once I really started to build a loving relationship with myself and little David I stopped people pleasing, letting people walk all over me, or gaslight me. 
I learned that once I truly love myself I just will not take crap from anyone and I won’t have a “need” for people to like me.  My gosh I used to be so needy and that is not being in flow with the universe. 


Once you learn how the universe works, the world literally becomes your oyster.


There is something very powerful about looking at yourself in the mirror and saying loving things to yourself.  Developing a loving relationship with little you and adult you are two of the healthiest things you can do.  This practice will help you do just that.


While it is not required, it is highly recommended to take part in the other offerings I provide, in conjunction with the Heal Your Soul Now Freedom Program.  This could greatly accelerate your healing as these other offerings are extremely helpful for the healing process. 

By taking part in the other offerings I provide, we are coming at healing from 4 angles:
mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

There are two bonuses you get for being in the program

Bonus 1

Free attendance to the monthly group Heart Opener Ceremony With Cacao!

(Normally valued at $88)

Bonus 2

Up to 3 of your friends get a discount on the monthly group Heart Opener Ceremony With Cacao –Discounted to $39.99 per person for them.
(Normally valued at $88.00 per person)


1 private Somatic breathwork session for $111.00
(Normally priced at $222.00) 


Note: In order to get the free attendance to the monthly Heart Opener Ceremony With Cacao you need to have a minimum of 2 zoom calls per month

You will still get all the other discounts if you only have 1 zoom call per month.

Heal Your Soul Now freedom program

Second month
and every month going forward


What do you get?

Going forward after the first month, you can have 1-4 calls with me per month.

Each 30-minute zoom call $111​ is the suggested energy exchange.


1-4 zoom calls total


I strongly believe these practices and offerings can help you as much as they’ve helped me.  However, it takes discipline and consistent effort.

Are you ready to heal?

Join the program

Please state below your preferred date and time.

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