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Group Mayan Fire Ceremony!

These ceremonies can heal and transform your life!

  • 3 hr
  • 111 US dollars
  • Canoga Park

Service Description

In this Mayan Fire Ceremony I have been given permission to invoke the sacred Mayan energies. We will do cleansing, make offerings to ancestors, use sacred tobacco to bring in good energy, give gratitude to plants, and much more! This fire ceremony is intertwined with one of the Mayan calendars; the Cholq'ij, a.k.a. the Tzolk'in. There are 20 energies that make up this calendar. It moves in a counter clockwise cycle, so every 20 days the cycle repeats. There are 13 manifestations of each energy making a total of 260 energies. For example, today when I'm writing this it's "4 B'atz" and tomorrow will be "5 E" and so on as the count moves. This means there are 260 unique portals for the fire ceremonies. The number of the day will have an effect on that day's energy and on that day's fire ceremony. Simultaneously, there is a cycle of 13 days which is called a "Trecena". When there is a "1" in front of an energy that is the beginning of that energy's Trecena and it will end after the 13th day. For example "1 B'atz" would be the begining of a B'atz Trecena. This means that the Trecena will also have an effect on that day's energy and on that day's fire ceremony. The base of the fire begins with me drawing the glyph and the number of that day's energy with colored sugar. The color of the sugar is correlated with the attributes of the energy. This is done to open the portal with sweetness. Then there's all special types of materials used: pom (copal), myrh, rosemary, palito or cascara (pieces of pine trees), candy, chocolate, cacao, colored candles, panela, ocote (wood with pine resin) and flowers. Energies and spirits consume through aromas: we build the fire with these special materials to feed the energies and ancestors and as offerings for them. The ocote is for helping spirits that are stuck in this dimension. It's like decorating a cake for them that we then light on fire for them to consume. There are also messages that come through the fire which I've been trained to interpret. I've had many people tell me they've received healing from these ceremonies. Since the Cholq'ij works on a 20 day cycle that is constantly repeating this means we all have a Mayan energy of birth. It's their version of astrology. Everything you are, have been and will be is contained in your Mayan energy of birth. I look up your energy and will send you a description of it which has the potential to transform your life! Hope to see you there!

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  • Canoga Park

    Canoga Park, CA 91303, USA

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